Your Voice Matters: Ashley Sauls

Spring 2021

Ashley Sauls defines herself as a person who is constantly learning how to embrace who she is as a creative personality. She is a writer, facilitator, and the Creative Director with Color Your Soul, an organization that helps people learn how to embrace their Godly identity, be the best of what they are called to be, and live a vibrant life.

“Color Your Soul helps you brand your life soul to soar through a lifestyle of soul care,” Ashley exclaims. The organization allows people to have the fun and freedom to learn about their personality, and be who they are. For instance, Color Your Soul has done creative releases where they allow those who attend to be creative in writing, drawing, singing, etc. Ashley also takes the skills she learns in the organization and applies them to her work and personal life.

Back in the Day

At the age of seven Ashley started writing and speaking. Her desire to write began when she became fascinated by a typewriter her mother had in high school. At first, she played on the typewriter. Then she started to type out stories and write songs. Her first writing gift was a typewriter.

As Ashley grew up, she learned that things we love as children can be enjoyed when you are an adult. She stated that we don’t have to be afraid to engage in those activities, and we can use the tools we learned during that time.

These days, Ashley tends to write when things are not going so well. She finds inspiration through writing about challenges and how to find strength through them. Her first book is a devotional called Morning Motivation. After writing her first book, she began to see that whether it is writing her books or a social media post, her writing touches lives. She saw that her writing was not just for her, it gives others hope and encouragement.

Just Start It

She started in small ways– whether it was writing a poem, song or speaking for five minutes with people her age.

“You don’t have to wait for a certain time or age to make an impact,” she said. “You can make an impact at any age.”

“Do not despise the small beginnings.” she stated. “My life has been a progress of those small beginnings. In order for us to be able to do something for a long time, it has to be bigger than us.”

She lends her voice to share her daily life and experiences through blogging, writing and speaking—especially on her podcast Love Culture Radio.

Riding the Radio Waves

Love Culture Radio is a podcast radio show where Ashley shares the joy and pain points of her story and journey.

For instance, she recently talked on her show about decluttering, which has been over a three year voyage for her. She began to realize people deal with pushing aside things that will not only cause physical clutter but also emotional clutter.

“We have to learn how to deal with it.” Ashley said regarding the journey of decluttering. “It’s a process.”

She aims to speak from the viewpoint of being in the middle of her story rather than the start and the end points of it.  “I tend to speak from the middle so that people can understand that it is a journey.”

The greatest lesson Ashley learned from decluttering was that it is never too late to start. She looked at what was going on in her work clutter and realized it affected her life clutter.

“It’s okay to start small and take it a step at a time. It encourages you to keep going.” she shared.

Word Seeds

Overall, what Ashley has learned from writing and speaking is that the words we think are insignificant are the key to someone else’s freedom. Even though many people have talked about various common topics, we can offer insight through our jgrowth walk that can be the key to helping someone else get through their journey. That’s why Ashley thinks it is important to not take any of our words for granted.

The encouragement someone needs to hear motivates her to continue to speak and write. There are people who need nuggets of wisdom, encouragement and support. So, her focus shifted to how can she help other people.

Leaving Footprints

Continuing a legacy also encourages Ashley to continue to share with others. “I am a part of a legacy that requires encouraging and being there for other people,” she said. “So many people paved the way so that I can walk this journey, so I don’t want to take that for granted either. So, I have to show up.“

She encourages anyone who wants to speak and write to just do it. She is a self-published author who had to overcome fear to do things in a non-traditional way.

In her writing and speaking experiences, Ashley also learned to be true to who she is.

“Don’t speak because it’s the popular message.” Ashley explained. Rather than wearing a mask to conceal, she encourages writers and speakers to be authentic. “People are looking for you to be you…for you to be real. For you to be yourself.”

Contact information for Ashley Sauls is as follows:


FB: Ashley Kossie Sauls

IG: @ashleysauls



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