The Exodus Experience

Fall 2020 Ministry

Ministry Never Stops

In the new testament the gospels recount how the disciples were told by Jesus Christ to go into the world to preach and teach the good news to all people. Ministry is what Jesus Christ was sending them forward to do. Today’s disciples continue with this assignment across the world. The Word of Jesus Christ has the mission to reach the four corners of the earth. Earlier this year a young ministry couple wrote their vision down and made it plain before sharing it with others. The Exodus Experience gathered like-minded believers and hosted seminars of worship and praise.

Dropping Seeds For Change

Minister Janice Watts praying over those in the congregation.

About three years ago there was a prophecy given to the Killeen, Texas married couple, Stephanie and Trae Crockett, about facilitating Worship Workshops. The prophecy was planted in their hearts to learn, teach, train, and apply biblical truths to worship. The Exodus Experience is inspired by the need for people to feel truly free to worship in an environment where the burden of religion does not reign; allowing true worship by the Spirit to break forth causing liberation from whatever bondage they are in. Their ministry efforts focus on learning, asking questions, and collective worship. The ministry is organized of worship arts leadership from the surrounding Central Texas area; Christian Rappers, Psalmist, Praise Dancers, Mimes, Musicians, and Poets.

When asked if the Exodus Experience is a church Trae Crockett replied, “We are not a church. We are all created to worship. Our target is to reach those who desire more of God, and those who are trapped and need to be released from certain snares in their life. Of course, praise and worship leaders, and all other ministry positions are encouraged to participate in our workshops/seminars to take back to their places of worship.”

Each Exodus Experience releases a unique and special element than previously. Each experience has interactive teaching, topic led discussions, question and answer platforms, fellowship, collective singing, and exercising various methods of worship. Most of all the hope is for each person to walk away with deeper understanding and knowledge of what worship truly is. The expectation is that every person finds their way closer to God.

Thus far this anointed ministry has hosted three worship workshops/seminars with spirit evoking topics about the misconceptions of worship and applying biblical truths to worship; order of worship, how to enter into the presence of God, the meaning behind the Sabbath day, and how to enter into God’s rest. The topics are presented by select committee leaders to the congregation to be discussed in unity. Everyone has a voice to express concerns, share, and to learn without judgment.

2020-2021 Ministry Agenda

Minister Trae Crockett and Minister Anita Armstrong leading worship.

This mighty group of young ministers never stopped moving. They have already begun building a kingdom network, biblical discussions, Bible studies, and Spirit led worship opportunities. Ministry never stops. Their work continues to reach beyond the pulpit because of faithful volunteers, love offerings, donors, prayers, and the labor of love from the Exodus Experience Committee.


Once the community safely opens back up the Exodus Experience will be hosting workshop/seminars where God sends them to share His Word. As this ministry grows, we can expect to see more involvement with vendors to give an opportunity for Kingdom Businesses and organizations to share their gifts and talents.

With large gatherings being restricted with social distancing the current plans for the next experience will be adjusted to adhere to the safety measures issued by Texas. Keep up with plans and community ministry projects by following their Exodus Experience Facebook page: An Exodus Experience

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