Staff Spotlight ~ Mary Castle Ellerd

Fall 2020 Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight

Mary Castle Ellerd came on board as a Staff Writer just a few short months ago. She has proven herself to be a positive beam of light shining genuine joy upon every person and project she encounters. Mrs. Ellerd enjoys writing and sharing her voice about Non-Profit efforts and community moral events. Born in Sacramento, raised in Central New York, and now currently living in Killeen; she has adopted the beauty of diversity, and lives life with a heart of appreciation.

When asked what are three things she likes about Killeen; she chuckles before sharing of her love for the variety of food and restaurants, the economy, and the people that make up the city of Killeen. The dynamics of her family consist of her loving husband, their children ages 15 and 2, with a total of 18 rescue dogs and cats.

Why Write?

At the suggestion of her doctor, Ellerd wrote her first book, Love Shines (Out of the Darkness), recalling how her husband and she met. The suggested writing was a helping tool for her to overcome the Postpartum Anxiety with Panic Attack Disorder she had developed. Writing became the voice she uses to help and encourage people. The main goal of Ellerd’s writing is ministry. To let others know that God loves them no matter what.

“So many people have struggles with bitterness, anger, hard hearts, and hurt souls. It is such a hard way to live life. My ultimate writing goal is to reach a couple of them and help them hang on just a little longer,” she says.

Ellerd reveals her writing financial goals are not that much different. Of course, she wants her writing to be able to help support her family. She also wants her writing to afford her the opportunity to bless others in various ways.

More Books

Other published works of Mary Castle Ellerd can be found in Symphonic Skin Magazine. She is currently working on other books: The Postpartum Anxiety Struggle, Ordinary Life Extraordinary, which is a book full of hilarious, real life observations and stories, and a second book in the Out of the Darkness series that will continue the story while focusing on postpartum anxiety.




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  1. Mary has been a long time friend and heart adopted sister of mine for years. She is such an awesome and kind person, always helping others, (people and animals). She is a blessing to all she meets and a ray of sunshine.

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