Oakalla, Texas

Local Focus Winter 2020

Hidden Jewel

In between the cities of Copperas Cove and Briggs, sits a little piece of history. A step off 2657 is a step into the past, present, and future, all nestled into a little hamlet called Oakalla, Texas, population under 100. This hidden jewel in Burnet Country boasts several amazing venues and events for the family friendly adventurer. Despite its size, Oakalla has lots of family friendly, fun events that are within an easy drive from the greater North Austin area, Lampasas, and Killeen.

Quick Get Away

Oakalla Volunteer Fire Department serves a large geographical area of approximately 200 square miles, with experienced and highly trained volunteers, reporting to all kinds of emergencies.  Besides being known for excellence in their areas of expertise, they are also known for holding all you can eat fundraisers and gun shows.

Next door is the historical Oakalla Community Center, a beautiful building mixing old and new into a unique look. It was the school for the area in the 1920’s and parts have been restored to that time era with wood plank floors and the period entry way.The center contains two large rooms and a gorgeously designed kitchen, with an outside playground. This beautiful place is perfect for a variety of events and is very affordable.

Just a little way down the road is the Oakalla Library, a peaceful place, surrounded by beautiful trees and equipped with places to read inside and out. The library building is the old Oakalla Methodist Church built in 1925. This unplugged library holds community classes, craft classes, farmer’s markets, and author events.

The welcoming Oakalla Baptist Church rounds out this quaint area with its friendly people. Being a favorite in the area with its suppers and various events, along with refreshing worship services.

So, if you are looking for something new and different, check out these places on Facebook for their next events and take the short drive back to the time of wonderful neighbors and small-town living. Go meet your new friends in Oakalla, Texas.

Oaklla Baptist Church Oakalla, Texas, 1903 Oaklla, Texas Fire Department

Facebook: Oakalla Volunteer Fire Department

Facebook: Oakalla Community Center, Oakalla, Texas (Public Group)

Facebook: Oakalla Library

Facebook: Search for Oakalla Baptist Church Events


Thank you to Oakalla Library for the beautiful pictures.



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