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February 1, 2020 marked the date of the most recent 4U Conferences in Killeen, Texas. The Founder Evangelist Dee Levens is no stranger to Let’s Connect Magazine. She is a reoccurring favorite with us with a lot to share. Evangelist Dee Levens keeps a tight schedule with speaking engagements, designing items for “Beulahland Creations”, authoring and illustrating books, as well as ministering alongside her husband, Jack Levens, at the Belton Creekside Rehab Center each Sunday for the last few years. Everything she puts her mind to has a common thread, which is spreading the Word of God.

Like most things 4U Conferences began as an idea that made its way onto paper. When God’s timing was just right the conferences began in 2019 with Evangelist Dee Levens walking in obedience with the 4U Conferences slogan: “From Redemption to Covenant Blessings for YOU!” God graced her mission with a loyal team to assist her in carrying out the vision of faith teaching. The conferences are designed to bring messages to men and women from all around the nation. Her ministry is one that is mobile and ready to go where God sends her to lead. She often says her mission is to get the Word to the highways and byways where people are in need of God’s truth.

Is 4U Conferences a church based ministry? That is a common question that arises when discussing religious events. The answer is no. 4U Conferences is a non-profit ministry unconnected to a specific church. Those connected to this ministry come from various locations and church cultures with the heart of believing in the one true God. Every conference offers the opportunity to believe God for healing, restoration, salvation, and peace. The underlying theme is “Healing for All Things Broken”. Those who attend the 4U Conferences can expect to experience or witness signs and wonders to follow their time in God’s presence.

Deepen your relationship with God by attending the next 4U Conference.

To obtain more information about Evangelist Dee Levens, or the ministry of 4U Conferences please visit: WWW.4UCONFERENCES.COM or call (254) 681-6099.

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