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The term Wonder Woman is an understatement when talking about Amelia Rabroker. She truly exudes the traits of what hard consistent work brings forth. A former elementary school teacher, former body builder, business owner, mother, and wife; Rabroker is living her best life with a winning smile. She states that perseverance and faith is the key to how she is accomplishing it all.

Balancing family, work, and personal interests did not come easy to Rabroker. She attests her life triumphs are greatly due to the love, and encouragement for her amazing husband, Tim Rabroker, of 15 years. “My husband is such a phenomenal motivator”, she affectionately adds as she shares how the Tap Tap Art School began to flourish from a fantastic idea to her now reality. As a KISD Art Teacher she put her efforts into teaching the importance of art in the world we live in. Every piece of created art was to provide her students with a wonderful experience, and ultimately to support creative thinking. Coming from a family of artists, Rabroker naturally carries the love of art expression, and being around young artists fed her core to be an artistic outlet for students in her school and community.

What starts off small can blossom into something much bigger when given the right elements to grow. Being an entrepreneur and business owner is not something she set out to be. It all started with supply and demand.  Her desire to satisfy the lack of art opportunities in the Killeen/Harker Heights area led her to start providing mobile art classes on her art bus for about two years prior to establishing her school. Rabroker recalls, “My following began to grow and the bus was getting to small. It was time to move into a building to teach.” With the support of her family, she stepped out on faith and trusted God by investing herself into her art dream. She left the school district and focused on art. Quickly her business began to grow. People were talking and the contracts began to come in. Her friends encouraged her along the way to remain confident as her unexpected blessings unfolded before her heart. “Open doors were where they needed to be. It was all a blessing.” Raborker recalls with enthusiasm in her voice.

Team work makes the dream work! The staff at Tap Tap Art School hold the same core beliefs which allow them to be positively effective in impacting our community. This beautiful standing location is a safe place for lovers of the arts to come, and freely create different art medias. Art can be calming, healing, and often an avenue used to transition people through hard times. Rabroker wants her staff and students to have a refuge to be themselves while exploring and challenging their skills. Her art school is a physical symbol of so much to so many people. According to this Mediterranean beauty one of her most rewarding outcomes of her business is to be able to create “Art Jobs” for people like her. Art Jobs that allow for creation and growth. Meaningful art education is the focus. Art education classes and creative parties are offered for all ages year around.

Learn more about Amelia Rabroker and her amazing art school by using the following resources. http://taptapartschool.com/


Tap Tap Art School 103 Mountain Lion, Harker Heights, Texas 76548.

(254) 833-5005


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