Life of Love Ministries

Ministry Winter 2021

Pastor Rhonda Johnson

Every journey begins at a starting place with a desired goal in mind. In ministry often times leaders are called out of hard places, and that moment is when God enlists His chosen soldiers to carry His Word forward. Pastor Rhonda Johnson recalls how Life Of Love Ministries (LOL) began back in 2012. She and God were going through something together that would ultimately stretch her faith and love in a new direction. Her yes to the call would birth opportunities of healing, freedom to grow and introduce various layers of God to a multitude of people. Though Pastor Rhonda had been in ministry many years before the shift, she was about to experience God in a new way.


Reset and Focus

Believe it or not there is a lot of work involved in ministry. Pastor Rhonda shares how she was highly active in her then church home, and how she wore many hats within that church to keep things running smooth. She has been teaching in ministry since the age of 12 and is well versed in several church duties. A season of about 5 years came upon Pastor Rhonda when God began dealing with her to reset and focus on Him. There were things He needed her to do. In 2012 she began writing a book about her difficult experiences in church, and how God wants her to love people. Pastor Rhonda says, “I took time to walk with God to see people how He does. God taught me how to respond so that I could help prevent others from experiencing the same things I did.” She hopes to complete and publish this book in 2021.

2012 was also the year LOL nonprofit ministry was birthed. This ministry is not part of a church although Pastor Rhonda pastors a church in Caldwell, Texas where her and her family reside. LOL offers so much for the entire family such as: conferences, weekly emails, an annual pumpkin patch fundraiser, fellowship, networking, intercessory prayer, campferences, providing groceries to the less fortunate, community outreach along with various other enrichment programs.


She Writes

One of the gifted talents of ordained Pastor Rhonda has is writing. She wants to publish a children’s book dealing with God’s love for us, as well as mature books to encourage and teach about living a godly life. She desires to write many books, and 2021 just might be the year we see a variety of her published work. Through her LOL ministry she currently releases a weekly powerful word of inspiration via email. Most of the email messages are derived from her Sunday sermons she prepares for her assigned congregation. These messages are potent with the Word and presents realistic application to our present lives. Anyone can be added to the email list by emailing her at


Private Time

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us all to readjust to new ways of doing things. Before the pandemic Pastor Rhonda kept a full schedule with traveling to speak at conferences and other events. When asked how she has been getting along during this social distancing time her response was, “I spend a lot of time studying. God has been dropping so much into my spirit. This has been a time of preciousness between He and I.”

Life Of Love Ministries information can be found on Facebook as a religious organization, as well as by emailing

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