Letter From the Editor ~ Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Letters from the Editor
Hello readers and welcome back to Let’s Connect! Our magazine has a very specific intention of connecting the communities and citizens of Central Texas and the surrounding areas.
Our magazine has allowed us to place a footprint in our area and we are happy to shine a light on the local stars and heroes who don’t always wear capes. Let’s Connect has been fortunate enough to continue ‘connecting’ with members of our great community and sharing their amazing stories.
Our Fall 2020 Edition represents our long-awaited return to publishing. Due to unforeseen events, including COVID-19 and a website crash, our production schedule was slightly modified. The great news is that instead of being stopped in our tracks, the slow-down gave us a chance to tune-up our operations and strengthen our team by adding four new members including Mary Ellard (Editorial), Denetra Moore (Youth and Community Voices), Jess Smith-Martinez (Entertainment) and Qiana Cannon (Profiles). In addition, Senior Writer Anita Armstrong was promoted to Senior Editor, creating a stronger admin team than we’ve ever had in the past. This issue features Dr. Elizabeth Jennings and her inspirational story, as well as, plenty of updates and profiles from across the state of Texas! As promised, our magazine continues to grow, Let’s Connect shines our light on local non-profits and exceptional businesses. Delve into our Fall issue and get to know all of our subjects!
In conjunction with many local businesses, our magazine represents the people. We thank you for reading and look forward to your feedback.
Tee Word
Editor-in-Chief Let’s Connect Magazine

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