Let’s Connect Feature: Four Women and More

Let's Connect Feature
In recognition of Black History Month, Let’s Connect Magazine is shining our light on amazing stage-play, Four Women and the efforts of KZFrazier drama to heighten awareness and spread the word. Readers should be very familiar with the centerpiece of it all, Kerry-Ann, whom was feature in Let’s Connect Magazine a few issues back. Now she’s going better and bolder every day and sat down to share her excitement with her latest efforts.
Sitting in a quaint but spacious Starbucks, nestled inside a Barnes & Noble, Kerry-Ann shares her insight on ‘Four Women’. “So, Four Women is a play about these four sisters who travel home to sell their mother’s house and as they return home, basically, all of their stories of fun, love, laughter, anger…It just pretty much envelopes in a dramatical, jovial, and musical form.” She continues, “so I think it’s a play that anybody can relate to, male or female, doesn’t really matter the age or the socio-economic bracket or race or ethnic identity. It’s a story about sisters. It’s a story about men and women. Although it says Four Women, there’s also some really powerful men in there who kind of tell the women about their stuff when it stinks. So it’s definitely not a male bashing play…It is an empowering play. It tells a lot of different hills and valleys that individuals go through but how they come out stronger.”
Every production requires thoughtfulness and casting is no different, Kerry-Ann reveals her thought process, “In casting, I would say really came from the song by Nina Simone four women. It’s how I selected the name for the play and listening to the song. I just listened to the way that she described each of the women in the song, who they were. And so when I began to write, I began to ride from that perspective about each of the women and then just basically developed their character based on how Nina Simone sang the song about those women.”
Kerry-Ann went a bit deeper regarding the primary characters, “And so with peaches that’s a matriarchal sister who’s just, you know, strong, funny and kind of no-nonsense, but definitely the big sister. Sweet thing, I saw her as someone who is strong, but has this deep pain and just layers and layers of personality. And then with the character Stephonia…just somebody who is just wacky, just a really wacky person who just doesn’t know exactly where they fit in. And then with Sarah, I saw strength, you know, someone who had this deep strength and love for life and for sisterhood but really wasn’t sure about it and didn’t feel appreciated.”
I asked Kerry-Ann why someone should go to see the play in person. “So this play, I think the audience would really enjoy coming to see this play because it is original, number one, I think it gives a lot of depth to the characters. It is something that’s definitely empowering, it is funny, you are going to laugh at some of them…you might cry, but it’s something that I believe is definitely relatable to anybody. Additionally, this is Black history month and we’re talking about our local artists, our local Indy artist…all of the songs in this play are also written by the artist singing the song. So they all wrote their own songs, you’re going to hear original music, original play and it’s just going to be a great experience to support local talent. I’m here and everything that we do, we do it in excellence. You can also get a copy of the play if you’re not able to come we will be recording later down the line. We have two more shows and one of the shows will be a live recording. We will announce which one that is on social media here within the next month or so and which show will be a live recording.”
For more information: “If anyone wants to catch up with us they can follow the web page KZFrazierdrama.com. We also have a Facebook events page KZFrazier Drama events and casting calls. You can also follow us on Instagram @KZFrazierdrama so literally is the same name for all social media and our website.”
Coming up next: “We’re coming to Austin February 21st at Huston-Tillotson University. We’re kicking off their homecoming so this is a great support for our HBCU, our historically black college and university. We also have a black art and film showcase coming to Killeen March 20th and we have a huge production come in later this year that we’re going to be casting for in March and April. So we need some fresh faces. I need some men with nice bodies. Beautiful women with nice voices. Not necessarily singing, but just a bunch of beautiful women of all races and ages.”
KZFrazier Drama is representing the entrepreneurial spirit of Central Texas by empowering others to step outside of their box and try something new. The results have yielded amazing theatrical performances and an awesome representation for the culture. When the opportunity present itself, get out there and check out more from KZrazier Drama.

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