It Starts With a Seed

Let's Connect Feature Spring 2021

Planting a Seed

Ayeisha Garza grew up in the small fishing town of McClellanville, South Carolina. As a young girl she held aspirations of becoming a successful business owner. Though the business idea had not yet been uncovered, business was embedded in her blood. Subsequently, joining the Army positioned her onto fertile ground.

Like many residents of Killeen, Texas, living the life of a soldier brought her to the Killeen/Fort Hood area. The military town is where she found the opportunity to support her husband’s, George Garza, passion for landscaping. Being the supportive wife and mother she is, Ayeisha took her ambition and paired it with faith and leaped! Garza believes stepping out on faith is the first step to success. That is exactly what she did without looking back! Ayeisha now had the necessary seed to begin her first of many business endeavor.

Water, Watch, and Wait

Garza knew the seed alone was not going to grow; she had to water it. However, she was not sure of the tools needed to be successful in the business of landscaping. From 2014 to 2017, the establishment of the business went through an array of trial and error situations. Ayeisha wanted the business to be in a class of its own while simultaneously providing a high level of service to all their customers.

With the help of a few mentors, the Garza family poured into the business by listening, sacrificing, and being uncomfortable. During this growing season, the Garza’s learned about the nature of landscaping, and the necessary skills for running a small business. They rooted their work in their mission statement of “Cleaning up CTX one property at a time.” As a result, they have been able to expand services.

Ayeisha knew hard work was going to pay off in time. She and her crew had to stay the course to see the fruits of their labor. Garza stated, “We take pride in our work and seeing our customers happy is worth every minute of work that we put in.”

The Beauty of the Blossom 

In 2018, the business began to grow at an astonishing rate. Staying true to the business mission and demonstrating it by treating every customers’ lawn like their own, Garza and Son Landscaping, LLC found themselves servicing not only residential properties, but also commercial properties. With their new found success, Ayeisha wanted to make sure not to lose the uniqueness of their company. Therefore, she joined her strong desire to serve the community with her business.

Garza shared, “We’re not just a mow and go type of business.” Garza and Son Landscaping, LLC often makes time for community. Ayeisha’s company offers free lawn care to the sick and shut in, the less fortunate, disabled veterans and grounds upkeep at the Garden Of Hope emergency children’s shelters at the Salado and Killeen locations. Giving back to the community is a must for this sprouting business. Though rooted in Killeen, Garza and Son Landscaping, LLC services surrounding areas from Kempner to Austin. 

To find out more about Garza and Son Landscaping, LLC visit and like their Facebook and Instagram page: Garza and Son Landscaping, LLC or when you see them out and about feel free to say hello.

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