Let’s Connect Feature: Dr. Elizabeth Jennings

Fall 2020 Let's Connect Feature


Identity, purpose, and meaning…These are three things Dr. Elizabeth Jennings helps youth and adults find when they have lost their voice, value, and life story. She does this through the means of her business, Remember You Matter. Dr. Jennings is not only a life coach to children, teens, and adults but also an occupational therapist, author, and consulting coach to life coaches.


In January 2018, Dr. Jennings launched Remember You Matter in honor of her mother who passed in 2015. “Remember you matter,” was a phrase her mother commonly said. As Dr. Jennings went through the death of her mother and then a divorce, she saw that she was beginning to lose herself and not living life to her true potential. When she realized this, she began the pursuit to find her identity and value. As the transformation of valuing herself began, she then saw she could bring value to other’s lives.

I want others to remember that their lives have value,” she said.


After working in occupational therapy for 17 years, Dr. Jennings completed her coaching certification and started to focus on becoming a life coach. She recalls reading two books that shaped her perspective and helped her launch her business — Soar by T.D. Jakes and Jump by Steve Harvey. Three months after completing the books she started Remember You Matter; which is holistic in that it focuses on the need to build community, addresses the needs of people of all ages, and targets people who want to give up in life.  Dr. Jennings especially saw the need to coach from a child or teenager’s perspective because not many mentors are available in that area.


Dr. Jennings does one on one individual and group coaching sessions. Her business also provides in-person and tele-health services. Remember You Matter has the capabilities to provides services to all ages.


Not long ago, Dr. Jennings re-branded her Remember You Matter to include executive coaching. She is Chief Empowerment Officer at Measure, a community-lead, data-driven nonprofit organization providing services which include leadership training.


In October 2019, Dr. Jennings launched her podcast “Living B.O.L.D. (Beyond Our Limited Dreams), which is targeted to people of all ages. She aims to “help people rediscover who they are, so that they can find their voices and share their stories.” She aspires to help them cultivate and create their stories so that they can tell their truths.


These people were hiding their experiences, and they were ashamed to tell their stories,” Dr. Jennings said. “The podcast is a way to share the lives they have now and the lives that will become,” she added.


Programs Remember You Matter Provides or Promotes


Boys Matter to Men is an inclusive mentor-ship program launched by Remember You Matter in July 2020. It primarily targets young men in the local community either in single mom households or who have deployed fathers. The program pairs mentors (men) to mentees (boys). “The program mission is to recreate the community village one household at a time,” Dr. Jennings says.

Stability Matters is a curriculum Dr. Jennings developed that addresses mental health. This program is targeted to churches and organizations.

Reboot: Combat Recovery is a program for military veterans and their spouses that Remember You Matter promotes on its website. Dr. Jennings is one of the local leaders of Combat Recovery.

More about Dr. Elizabeth Jennings

Dr. Jennings worked four years in the Copperas Cove Independent School District as an Occupational Therapist. She also worked at the Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic on Fort Hood with adults who were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and had brain injuries. She currently works at Kidz Therapeze with special needs children.


Wearing many hats does not come as a surprise to those who know her. One hat being a mentor to life coaches as an Ambassador at the Integrative Wellness Academy. Another hat being a personal Enrichment Coach with The Richway Program.


To date, Dr. Jennings has authored three books. She along with her two children–her 11 year old daughter and her 14 year old son–collectively published Buster, The Test Anxiety Crusher. In September 2020, she launched an online module course based on her book Overcoming Loss, which is about rediscovering yourself.  She is currently writing her fourth book titled Single, Successful, and Satisfied. 


The young, professional trailblazer aims to be grounded. She prioritizes self-care and time management. In her free time, she likes to work out, walk and write. She commonly gives the following advice to people who need help and guidance along the way: “It’s never too late to find yourself or start over. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

To contact or find out more about Elizabeth Jennings, Remember You Matter, and other projects:

Website: www.rememberyoumattercoaching.com

Facebook and LinkedIn: Elizabeth Jennings

Instagram:  Remember You Matter Coaching

YouTube: Elizabeth Jennings and Remember You Matter Coaching

Email: rememberyoumattercoaching@gmail.com

Phone: 254-317-7328

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