Community Voices: Quiet the Silence

Community Voices

Hear the silence so loud in my ear
Loud then quiet, deafening then clear

Hear the silence so loud in my ear
The chatter clouds my thought, yet
The quiet doesn’t stop

Quiet! Quiet! Are my thoughts,
Silence! Then it all stops

Listen as He talks through my thoughts
Listen He says, there is purpose in my talk

Vision, clarity, depth in my talk
Quiet your mind, listen before you walk

Silence the talk in your thoughts
Cut the chatter, kill the music and
Let the melody of my talk turn
Your walk

Turn that walk from impossible to possible
That vision into a picture perfect

A tangible promise you can touch,
Smell, and taste

But first you must silence that talk
That chatter of waste

Listen to the silence that talks to
the heart not the head

The silence that seems impossible
The silence that brought you out,
The silence that said you are lead

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