Community Voices: Detective Fredrick Harris

Community Voices Fall 2020

Frederick Harris is currently a Detective in Killeen,Texas as a seasoned Officer of the law, and having run for Sheriff this last term we come to him for his insight on bridging the gap between police and citizens in connection with political matters through empowering people with wisdom, experience and knowledge.

Detective Harris was homegrown in Killeen,Texas. He is what we call a true southern native. He started his law enforcement career as a Prison Guard, then to a Police Officer moving up the ranks with a flawless jacket. Eventually he went on to be a Homicide Detective, which brings him currently to being a Burglary Detective. He ran for Sheriff last term in 2020. The outcome has been promising to run again in 2024. Aside from having limited relationship connections to the voting community of Bell County and other officials, he made a splash with retrieving 1/3 of the votes reaching 7,000 out of 21,000.

Serves Truth For All

As an African American Republican male Officer who considers himself to be a God fearing American who believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; he is full of enthusiasm for the people, all people. He presented innumerable facts unknown to many which will cause a person’s light bulb to switch on. With all that is going on in the world today with COVID-19, the violence upheaval, and the polls, people need to become educated and empowered by truth, not

Det. F. Harris
Protects and Serves

perceptions. Harris does much of that for us all as a true protector and servant .

Detective Harris starts by arming people with facts most are unaware of. Facts likely to blow one’s mind, making them think twice. He informs that George Soros, an Investor in the Black Lives Matter “BLM” movement, whom is also an investor for ANTIFA, an anti-fascist political movement, whom currently still sits on monies donated to “BLM” since 2012; Billions of Dollars.. Secondly, he shares that it is indeed mandatory by a report called a UCR that all burglaries, vehicle thefts, aggravated assaults, rapes and murders be reported to the FBI. Therefore, the numbers of 9 and 20 are correct. In America, 9 African Americans and 20 Caucasian Americans in 2019 were killed by the police, justified and unjustified. Lastly he explained the primary beliefs of a Republican are the Death Penalty, Right to Bare Arms, Pro-Life, Less Regulations on Small Businesses, Parents Choice of School, and Limited Government. Furthermore, that there are exceptions, which are all key facts when understanding parties and policies. For example, Pro-Life has an exception if the woman had been violently raped.

Bridging Gaps

Detective Harris believes that there is eventually corruption inside any group of people including the “Click Police”, who retaliate against fellow Officers for speaking up against injustices which he is no stranger to. Being a good human is the example Harris sets for us all. He is a courageous man who speaks up and puts his life on the line everyday. He has for decades, and intends to continue on his journey into politics as Sheriff of Bell County this 2024 while continuing to serve his community and surrounding areas.

Harris states that bridging the gap between Police and citizens starts with truth and respectful conversation. Bridging gaps in communication between precincts and county law men would tremendously help in many aspects, including better policing to create stronger relationships with the community. He agreed Officers need more education and a new unique psychological test pertaining to the county they will be working in, as not all are the same. In fact, most are unique depending on location and demographics. Detective Harris agrees “the few bad apples” statement is not just either. There is major restructuring and clean up in many precincts around the nation that are necessary; such as places like Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Baltimore and Louisiana. Harris is proud to say that Bell County, Central Texas, for the majority, may truly only have a few bad apples but it is handled accordingly.

We left off with the question of how de-funding the Police Department does anyone any good. The answer is simple, it does not do good, it does way more harm than anything. Funding the Police is necessary for the public’s safety. We need Officers receiving quality education and up to date training. To adequately restructure and clean house, funds can not be removed. This hurts many good Officers and their families in all aspects of their lives. The fact that it was even suggested as an answer is ludicrous. We all need the Police including the Police. He goes on to inform that Austin, Texas followed through with de-funding their Policemen leaving their moral extremely damaged on all fronts. Harris shares, “Austin defunded their Police 1.5 Billion dollars and Bell County put more into ours.” Therefore, complete chaos is non-existent in Bell County..

Detective Harris is greatly appreciated for his decades of service and dedication to his community in Killeen. He has been described as a stellar human being by many and is definitely a candidate we should be keeping up with for Bell County’s future; as he is determined to run for Bell County Sheriff 2024. Until then let’s all get to know him and understand the change he will bring if voted in. As it is certain he will be influencing others to follow. It is vital we stay involved in our communities political agendas. We can all start by being more involved in our own community, and by voting for offices outside of the U.S presidential campaigns. A great start would be to learn more about our Sheriffs, Judges and Prosecutors, while teaching our children along the way.

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