Anxious Much?

Spring 2021


Being anxious is part of life. It’s 100% going to happen. Staying anxious is the part that creates problematic situations. Being stuck in an anxious situation is draining, toxic and overwhelming. Futhermore, consistently being anxious can interfere with daily living and rob you of time and loving relationships with family and friends.

Closer Look

Why are you anxious? That’s an excellent question. A great place to start is to look at what is occupying your time. Or in other words, what is robbing your peace. Peace is a calm place internally, as well as externally, to rest and walk in. Checks and balances are important when combating anxiety. Take time to weigh what you deem is important. Focus more attention on what has value in your life, and close doors or limit access to what is not. Ultimately, only you can create the right balance in your life.

Live Life

The absence of anxiety is freeing. Cracked foundations will not hold up as long as solid foundations. Freeing yourself from personal prisons with honesty and integrity will allow for a higher self-esteem. Most importantly, choose to intentionally shift into a clearer space. Give life to dry relationships. Show up for yourself. Be present in the moment you are in. Live life again. Believe it or not, directing more attention towards your health can help manage anxious feelings. Joining a support group can also prove helpful.

Your Story

In short, when you live your life with checks and balances in place you will have time to enrich other areas of importance. You. You matter. You always have. Sometimes we forget about us. Time isn’t stopping, so it’s time we jump into our spotlight. Make every effort to live your best life everyday with integrity at the forefront. Being the lead character in your story can be surprisingly beautiful.



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