Aisha’s Massage Studio

Let's Connect Feature Spring 2021

Best Move Yet

Aisha Watkins is a licensed Massage Therapist who officially opened her business, Aisha’s Massage Studio, in December 2020. Before opening in Killeen, Texas, she provided mobile massages to her growing clientele. Establishing her own business allowed her the flexibility to work for herself while giving massages her way.

She exclaimed, “I like the freedom to work with clients and not feel pressured to rush them through a massage”.

Types of Massages Offered

Her establishment offers various forms of massages such as relaxing Swedish Massage with light pressure, Fire Cupping to quickly relieve pain in the body, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage that incorporates yoga-like stretches which allows clients to be fully clothed, Hot Stone Massage and Prenatal Massages.

Aisha’s masseuse training took about six months to complete. She has been massaging professionally for four years.

Providing Excellent Care

“I became a Massage Therapist because I always felt like I would be good at it.” she said. “First, I started off as a Shampoo Assistant and giving pedicures. Later I was (primarily) known for the way I shampooed hair. For instance, clients asked for me all the time because I would massage their scalp really well. Growing up, I got my hair done all the time, and my favorite part was when my stylist massaged my scalp well. As a result, that’s why I do the same for others.”

Young & Rare

What makes Aisha’s business unique from other Massage venues is that she offers Fire Cupping and Thai Massages.

“Not too many Therapists offer these services,” she said. “I also feel like my clients can feel a difference when they get a massage from me. I’ve had massages in the past where they feel very robotic. Often, I could guess how many times they were going to massage down my back. “On the other hand, my clients have told me that my massages feel like poetry. There’s a natural flow to it. You can tell I care about what I’m doing.”

Self-Care Matters

Aisha added that she once had a Massage Therapist tell her to massage like you love that person–massage with passion.

“My goal is always to make my clients feel less pain and relaxed,” she expressed.

Aisha believes in the importance of total body health and taking the time to take care for it.

“I believe if you’re treating your body right, you will feel better mentally and physically. Treating your body like a temple is especially important. Spoil yourself. Make an appointment to do something good for your body. You have to schedule time for yourself and stick to it. Make it a habit. Go to the gym, dance, sing, run, eat right, etc. All these things make you feel better in some way. It’s vital to find ways to de-stress.”

Words of Encouragement

In conclusion, to those who want to become a Massage Therapist, Aisha encourages them to start studying and doing your research now.

“If it’s a passion, you’re not going to let anything stop you from becoming a Massaging Therapist,” she said. “Go for it.”

To reach Aisha Watkins, you can call and/or visit her website or Facebook page.

Phone: (254) 345-2494



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Aisha Watkins
Aisha Watkins
1 year ago

Thank you so much for having me on your magazine! It was a pleasure.

Tee Word
Reply to  Aisha Watkins
1 year ago

We appreciate you allowing us to celebrate you!