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Local Focus: Molding the Future from the Inside Out

Today’s youth, often referred to as iGen or Gen Z, are the future leaders of our cities, counties, and ultimately our country, but who or what is shaping the character and attributes of these young minds? This is a question that Vantonio Fraley, a former Killeen High School (KHS) athlete and graduate, couldn’t sit idly by and wait for an untimely resolution.   Beginning of a Vision He returned to Texas in 2010 and quickly discovRead More


The Exodus Experience

Ministry Never Stops In the new testament the gospels recount how the disciples were told by Jesus Christ to go into the world to preach and teach the good news to all people. Ministry is what Jesus Christ was sending them forward to do. Today’s disciples continue with this assignment across the Read More

4U Conferences

Ministry: 4U Conferences

February 1, 2020 marked the date of the most recent 4U Conferences in Killeen, Texas. The Founder Evangelist Dee Levens is no stranger to Let’s Connect Magazine. She is a reoccurring favorite with us with a lot to share. Evangelist Dee Levens keeps a tight schedule with speaking engagements, desigRead More

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